Monday, October 25, 2010

Relationship sabotage - It happens because you are internally divided - NOTE

If two aspects of your personality want tow different things, that's when internal conflict arises.

A part of you takes some steps in one direction and another part of you sabotages possible success.

To stop sabotage, you need to be united internally and understand and acknowledge all the forces and emotions at play.

Bringing all the forces to the surface and acknowledging them in you is the first step.

So here is what to do:

  • Listen first to all your emotions and desires
  • If some of these desires conflict or are mutually exclusive, chooses which ones you will consciously let go
  • Or choose how you will integrate and listen to all aspects of your desires and needs
Take this example: 

You are craving to be in a committed exclusive relationship.

Another part of you wants to keep on experimenting sexually with multiple partners.

How can you be exclusive with a man and have multiple partners at the same time?

See the dilemma and conflicting directions?

Every time you are with a man who gives you signs of long term commitment, you might find reasons to disqualify him. 

See the conflicting directions?