Monday, January 18, 2010

When we argue, I tend to hurt myself - ARTICLE

We ended up getting into a fight yesterday at a club and I got so mad of his jealousy, that I punched the wall very hard and threw the glass against the wall and it shattered all over my arm, I went to the bathroom to get away from him and I saw that I was bleeding from several places.

We ended up in his car trying to talk but he gets me so mad that i end up hitting myself in front of him, he tries to stop me but am not stoppable. I don't think our relationship should continue! Do you?


"Constructive fighting" in relationships is healthy. However, there are certain limits to respect.

When you start hurting yourself, you cross one of these limits. This is the moment when your fight can have really bad consequences. You must not go there. It is simple.

Hurting yourself is not acceptable.

The way to go is to step back from that and simply learn to fight in a different way without hurting neither you or your partner.

Put it this way, next time it could be a car crash with even worst consequences.

This is a fighting rule:
Don't hurt yourself or your partner when fighting.

How do you stop hurting yourself?

Well, you need to kick something, right? This is a natural aggressive behavior which is healthy if you express it in a different way.


Take some kick boxing lessons and have dynamic fights with your partner with precise limits.

This creates an excellent release of energy and it is constructive. You have an excess of aggression?

Channel it in another way.

This truly works. Simply release your energy in that way.