Monday, January 18, 2010

What if you want to argue but they don't? - ARTICLE


Pull back!

If you want them to get it, talk when they are ready to hear it.

Create a special moment to talk about it.

Your home is a protected space where you want to feel secure.

When you express demands at the wrong moment, you simply invade your partner's personal space.

Don't do it! It is an invasion of their space.

Find another moment that suits you both.

Respect your partner's space.

This is top priority.

They can have a thousand reasons why they don’t want a challenging discussion right now.

Maybe they are worried about something else.

Maybe they just want to relax.

Whatever their reason, it is their right not to respond to an invitation to argue.

Give them space and make time another day to talk about it.

You should get your chance within a week max.