Saturday, January 16, 2010

Help!!?? My bf says he's bored with me! - ARTICLE

What you face is very common.

It happens to lots of married couples who have been together for some time.

Basically, there is too much comfort and security.

Passion naturally tends to die out.

I can imagine how you feel.

When you are young, these feelings can be truly weird.

What is happening?

How to solve that?

Waking up the passion and keeping it alive is a skill.

Sometimes, it simply happens naturally.

Other times, you have to break through some form of invisible wall and reconnect with the thrill and excitement of being together.

Spending too much time together can trigger boredom.

Lack of challenge or lack of anything new can create this feeling of crystallization where life simply stops flowing.

What to do?

Challenge your relationship.

Challenge each other.

Simply go beyond the limits of what you already know.

What you want to connect with is called renewal power.

It's a refreshing force in you.

It is instinct which feels like opening new windows in your life.

How do you connect with renewal power?

You set new goals and new challenges.

You set new targets for your relationship.

You respond to opportunities.

Anything which goes beyond your present limits would work.

True, the "freezing" force you feel right now will go away.

You will break through, but you need to discover new skills.

Seeing new faces and expanding your social circle for instance really helps. It brings new inspiration.

Work on it. Stay focused on breaking through.

What's the opposite of boredom?

Passion, thrill, challenge, excitement.

If you are simply used of sitting back and getting those on a golden plate, it's time to shift your strategy.

Passion for life is something you can actively create and stimulate.

It is a key life skill.

It is one you can wake up.

Now might be the right time!