Monday, January 18, 2010

Don’t let life challenges negatively impact on your couple - ARTICLE

Fights are often the result of an external pressure.

  • Problems at work
  • Business crisis
  • Insecurity and self esteem issues
  • Material or financial crisis
  • Pressure from friends, children, ex or in laws.
  • Moving house or rebuilding
  • Etc.

Don’t project this challenge on your couple.

Limit the challenge to its real size and don’t let it create a snowball effect.

Suppose you face a challenge with your business.

You come home. You are irritable.

You start a fight over something insignificant.

Instead of going that way, you can hit the gym and get rid of the extra frustration you feel.

You need to be aware of these pressure dynamics so that external challenges don’t negatively impact on your couple!

Got that?

This is one of the key dynamics to understand if you want to stop fights and manifest harmony in your couple.