Friday, January 15, 2010

10 tips to wake up your senses - ARTICLE

  • Take a bath or shower together

What a beautiful way to create intimacy! Tropical paradise? Let the the warm waves of the sea play with your naked bodies.

  • Massage each other's body

Use sensual oils, shift from a therapeutic approach to a sensual attitude.

  • Refresh your mind in nature

The quest for sensuality is a natural instinct. Going to nature is like going back to the source. Breathing some fresh air together could be the first step of a romantic evening.

  • Write it down

Letters, little notes, erotic messages are incredibly powerful. Express sensual play with your magic words.

  • Attend a workshop or class together

Find out more about yourselves. This might take you beyond your comfort zone. Truly amazing what is being offered in that field nowadays. This is a powerful way of stimulating your sexual awareness.

  • Create ritual

Design your "nest". Use fragrances, essences, silks. Use fire light. Stimulate beauty and refinement. What are you wearing? What are you eating? Explore the tastes. Nourish all your senses.

  • Some music?

Can you play? Go for it. Some exotic rhythms might wake up mysterious memories in you. Sing, use your voice. Don't mean a serenade though.

  • Take risks and explore!

Awakening the passion in a relationship often means taking steps, taking risks. If it does not click with your first try, shift, learn, adapt, and try again.

  • Beware of high expectations!

High expectations create stress, pressure. You don't have to perform! Instead, relax, have fun and don't focus too much on the outcome.

  • Timing!

If you engage in creating a special moment together, be sure that the time is right. Do you have enough space? Evenings are usually more conductive for refinement. Is your mind open and free?