Thursday, March 26, 2009

Getting engaged

I am madly in love with my girlfriend and we have talked about getting engaged for months now and (thankfully) we both want to get married, etc...

I do need some pointers though - how will my girlfriend expect it to happen? I plan a hot air balloon flight in the summer (once I get out of Saudi...) - ask her on the flight or after? What do I say to her folks when I ask permission (they expect me to, as they are somewhat traditional)? I don't know I just feel nervous about the whole damn sha-bang as women expect it to be the best, most romantic day of their lives, right? HELP!!


Getting engaged is starting for a life together.

You have two main attitudes you can adopt:

The first one is trying to plan everything, timing, preparation, wording.
How do you feel about that? I think the hot air balloon is great. If you want to find what to say, simply take a white paper and answer these questions:

"what are the 3 things you like the most about her?",

"how does her presence make you feel?"

"what do you see when you look in her eyes?"

"why does it make you dream to spend time with her?

Take then the key feelings you wrote down and build your "speech" around these ideas.

Talk to her senses!

As for her parents, I would tell them the same kind of things... in a less colored way though What they want to know is "do you love our daughter?" "will you be respectful?" "will you be there for her?"

Parents are protective.

They just want the best for their daughter so reassure them and show them your confidence.

The second attitude is simply jumping in the water.

Trust your instincts and your intuition and go for it.

Congratulations by the way!

I wish you two long lasting joy and happiness!